Hard Day's Night Hotel Art Gallery

In The Town Where They Were Born

Birth Of A Beatles Hotel

Over 100 pieces of rare, historical, and most fascinating art adorn the walls inside The Hard Day's Night Hotel bedrooms. But you have never been there. Or maybe you have - but never saw the Shannon Collection in its intirety. What about those wonderful stories that coinscide with each piece of art? Maybe you want a piece of this musical history for yourself, but you just can't get there. Now it can be seen, read, and be yours. Come join us for the wonderful stories of hotel birth, artistic endevours, creative journeys, and a plethora of beautiful art. This website was developed so that Beatles Fans around the globe could see each and every painting, be enlightened about the "why and how" of each piece, and lose themselves in a place, inside a place, called Liverpool.

First and most important is the fantastic concept. A concept that was passionately dreamed, brainstormed, saught after, designed, and financed by Cavern City Tours Directors, Bill Heckle and Dave Jones. True Beatles fans, themselves, Bill and Dave are both brick and mortar / devotion and committment to a concept that now stands tall over the city where small town magic turned into worldwide mania.

Above: The progression of the Hard Day's Night Hotel logo from Shannon's first and second presentation.

Branding - The Extraordinary Logo

What Does It Mean?

As you walk up the entry way, above your head you see a logo that is a bit peculiar. As you continue through the hotel it is everywhere - on the doors, on receipts, in the dining areas, on the door hangers, on your computer screen, even on your bedroom slippers. What does it mean - all these dots and squares? It must have a design purpose, a status quo, a reason for being. Indeed it does! Who’s idea is it? It was designed and is owned by Shannon, the artist who created over 100 paintngs for the hotel.

Shannon explains: Cavern Club owner, Bill Heckle called me a short time after I had signed the contract to create over 100 painting for the Hard Day’s Night Hotel. He said that hotel execs were having trouble coming up with a worthy logo idea that actually tied in with The Beatles. Bill sent me some of the sample ideas that were on the table. He was right! The designs consisted of flower power, hippy-ish graphics, and other 1960s hoopla. Nothing screamed “BEATLES”. Bill asked me to think about an idea, see what I could come up with. I took the challenge. It was knocking at my head the rest of the day but I was coming up short. I thought to myself, I am working nearly 18-20 hours a day on the hotel paintings - and now this. Then it happened! And here is the simple truth... Every morning I set my alarm with a CD/Radio/Alarm player. To catapult me into Beatle-mode the alarm was set with the CD, A Hard Day’s Night (The entire album). The next morning I awoke to that famous opening chord and the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. That chord! That wonderful chord! Being a musician, I know guitar tabs (tablature) and I thought - Would that chord work as a logo? I drew it out immediately but to my disappointment the famous G7sus4 chord did not work. I knew there were other chords played on guitar, piano, and bass so I did my research. What I found was an alternative chord - and it worked! The crazy things that fell into place afterward were magical . . .